predesign1predesign2predesign3Essential for the success of a comprehensive design solution is a complete and thorough investigation, gathering, distributing, and assessing of all the parameters of a project. It is our experience that rigorous pre-design work is the foundation of an effective, efficient, and seamless project.

Once the contract has been awarded, the available information will be assembled and distributed to each member of the project team. This will include any planning studies which form the basis for any work proposed, existing building drawings for the affected areas (where relevant), existing building information for the areas adjacent and related to the proposed project, the functional plan for the completed spaces, a list of special requirements for the fit-up of spaces in the project, and any other pertinent information provided by the client.

After having reviewed the project information provided, our firm will conduct an extensive site review with each of the consultant team. This step is critical to the success of every project. Surprises during construction can be substantially reduced by site investigation during the pre-design phase to identify information that is erroneous, overlooked, incomplete, or missing in the documentation. A Hazardous Building Material Assessment can also be undertaken at this stage to identify any environmental hazards in the existing building fabric. With these investigations complete, a full picture can be assembled of the physical starting point for the project.

Finally, the team will meet with client representatives to investigate in depth the goals and objectives behind the planning study and the functional programming for this project. Additional stakeholder input can also be incorporated at this time. These investigations will identify opportunities for the project team to provide value-added benefits to the project. The benefits may be ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ not included in the functional program that can be realized through innovative solutions, without jeopardy to the project time or budget.

The results of the information gathering, site investigations, and in-depth review of the project parameters will be compiled and distributed to the entire project team. The package will form a comprehensive understanding of the project parameters. Although we propose a rigorous pre-design process, we believe that a problem well stated is already half solved. At the completion of the pre-design work, we will have identified and considered most of the obstacles to a seamless project delivery.