Emerald Park RCMP Detachment

Project Relevance

  • Full Detachment with complete Detention Area, Secure Bay / Garage Bay, Exhibit Storage, Police Equipment Rooms, DNA Processing, Of?ce Area,Secure Records, Public Area, Victims Services and staff amenities.
  • Size of Detachment is consistent with work proposed. Construction cost for the White Butte detachment was $6.4M.
  • This project was delivered through the RCMP National Project Delivery Of?ce.

Project Objectives, Challenges, Constraints

  • The primary project objective was to ensure that the variety of needs for the project were balanced within the scope of the Space Analysis and subsequent scope additions to the project, following the award of the RFP to our ?rm. This included balancing the functional requirements of the Detachment Members, Traf?c Services, Victim Services and the Police Dog Services.
  • Intent of the project for the RCMP was to relocate the RCMP Regina Rural police service from the Depot site where they had been housed for many years.


Status: Completed

City: Emerald Park

Province: Saskatchewan

Country: Canada

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