Gordon Oakes – Red Bear Student Centre

Perhaps the most important project currently underway is the new building at the University of Saskatchewan for the Aboriginal Student Space. Working in association with Douglas Cardinal Architect of Ottawa, Careful work has been undertaken to listen to the elders and produce a living building for the campus.

The University of Saskatchewan has embraced the rapid increase in enrolment of aboriginals as central to the future of their institution. The building provides important amenities and resources for aboriginal students while simultaneously developing an understanding of Aboriginal culture to those of non-aboriginal descent attending the University.

The design of the building is focused on a central gathering space for forums, ceremonies, lectures and social gathering. The planning of the building is based on the simple notion that the circle is the symbolic base for healing, knowledge and equality; the foundation for all Indigenous ceremonies. Therefore the central gathering space is both the symbolic and systemic base for the building’s plan as each department is anchored to this central space. This acts as a reminder to Aboriginals, and an introduction to non-Aboriginals, about Indigenous world views.


Status: In Design

Address: 5 Campus Drive

City: Saskatoon

Province: Saskatchewan

Postal Code: S7N 5A4

Country: Canada

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