RCMP Police Transportable Holding Cells

Project Relevance

  • RCMP Detention area designed under the most current Fit-up Standards.
  • In depth research and understanding of the principals behind many of the ?t-up standard requirements to ensure that safety and performance principals were met where the strict requirements would not work due to other project constraints.
  • Study/Report/Analysis leading to a prototype design , documentation, tendering, manufacturing and deployment in 2 locations.
  • Total construction contract including manufacturing, transportation and deployment over the $2M consistent with the terms of the SOA.

Project Objectives, Challenges, Constraints

  • Unique project not undertaken by any other by any other policing or security force in North America. The project is the ?rst of it’s kind and has interest from DND and CBSA.
  • The primary challenge was the design of a detention facility that meets the Fit-up standards that could be easily transported and used for multiple deployments in a wide variety of areas across Canada with a variety of transportation and infrastructure needs.
  • In depth understanding of the ? t-up standards and the performance intents was required to ?nd solutions that would meet the functional requirements with minor variance to the strict standard.
  • Worked closely with RCMP Facilities Management, HRSDC, Departmental Security, PTSS and Security Engineering to achieve an innovative and ground breaking solution
  • RCMP Fit-Up Standards had to be reviewed to ensure that the operational risks behind the Fit-Up standards continued to be managed when strict compliance with the standard was not possible. For example, the cells could not meet the required ceiling height. The associated risks were mitigated by eliminating the bunks. Similarly, the cells could not be sprinklered in all locations, therefore additional measures were taken to ensure ?re separations, ?ame spread ratings, and ?re separations between the units were designed to exceed the requirements.


Status: Completed

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