Construction Tender, Contract Award and Contract Administration

tender4tender1tender2tender3Over the years, Rajani Blaser Mannix has developed respect and appreciation in the local construction industry. Our reputation is a result of practical design solutions, clear, understandable documentation, and a constructive relationship with contractors. We seek to avoid the adversarial relationship between architect and contractor, reducing conflict on site and keeping the team focused on constructing the best building for the client. Our focus is to reduce the tender price and minimize changes on site through documentation and administration. Our experience with renovation and upgrade projects provides our firm with a clear understanding of the way buildings go together, and we apply that knowledge and experience to the benefit of the project with practical, effective solutions and clear communication.

During the construction process, we work constructively with the contractor to continue the process of excellent project delivery. Shop drawings are reviewed quickly and returned to ensure completion without delay. We track milestones on the critical path to ensure that timelines are met, and work positively to get things ‘back on track’ when a milestone is missed. Quality Management ‘watch points’ are identified in the documents, integrated into the schedule, and reviewed on site for conformance. The Risk Management Plan is reviewed at every site meeting to anticipate, consider and reduce risks at each step of the construction. We listen to the contractor and encourage solutions that best meet the project goals for quality, budget, schedule, reduced risk and sustainable building. Timelines and sequenced moving plans will be co-coordinated with construction forces to reduce risk and expedite the process.

At substantial performance, we ensure that deficiency completion is carefully outlined by the contractor, including Timelines, Work Plans, Risk Management, and Quality Controls. We manage commissioning of the building and program equipment installed under this project. Record Drawings and Maintenance Manuals are compiled, reviewed and carefully communicated to the client and their staff. Our relationship with the construction industry has consistently ensured prompt response to warranty items. Even once the warranty period has passed, we work with our clients to overcome problems that arise as part of our ongoing relationship and service.