design1design2With the pre-design documentation in hand, each member of the project team will review the information, incorporate the project objectives, and prepare the project design. The project team, including client representatives, will then be assembled for an integrated schematic design ‘workshop’ that will involve all aspects of the project. Opportunities for sustainable, practical ‘green’ building will be identified. Preferred solutions for mechanical and electrical solutions will be dicussed, with alternatives also given limited consideration. Risks will be investigated for the Risk Management plan. Value Engineering alternatives will be considered. Value-added innovations will be presented. With all issues ‘on the table’, the combined project team will produce an integrated and complete schematic design solution. The solution will be compiled into a report, costed, and given to the client for final review.

With the approved schematic design in place, our collaborative team can work quickly to develop the design and begin the construction documents. The construction documents and specifications will be prepared to minimize risk and disturbance to all building users. ‘Green’ design options will be fully integrated into the project. Discreet portions of work will be identified and incorporated into the documents. The Risk Management Plan will be developed along side the documents to produce a truly useful and effective plan. Quality Control watch points will be identified and integrated into a complete Quality Management Plan as part of the construction documents. Salvage, re-use and recycle items will be identified as part of a waste management plan. Management of CBIP modeling and funding application can be provided if requested.

Once the Construction Documents are at identified completion stages, a review report can be prepared for the client. This report will include a cost analysis to actively manage the cost implications of the developed design. The report can also contain Value Engineering alternatives identified during design development. Client representatives will be given time to review and approve the project before final drawings, specifications and tender documents are prepared. The integrated design solution will represent the best possible balance of the project parameters. Once documents have been approved, the team can proceed to incorporate any changes and complete the Tender Documents.