Project Management

In addition to the full slate of Professional Consulting Services, Rajani Blaser Mannix Architecture Inc. is able to provide comprehensive Project Management Services for all sizes of projects. As Building Professionals, we understand that our client’s primary interest is the best building for the best price. Often this is achieved by increasing our Firm’s involvement on a project to include the management of all aspects, including construction. As Project Managers, we are further able to invest the Owner’s Vision and Values into every project decision.

Our qualifications as Project Managers are well established. In the last five years we have provided Project Management Services on over 60 projects. In that time we have consistantly demonstrated lower costs, excellent quality, and seamless project delivery to our clients. As an example of our success, our work for Canada Post has been so well received that we have been awarded a standing contract for Project Management Services for their projects across all three Prairie Provinces.