Paul Blaser

paulPaul Blaser has returned to his Saskatchewan home after 12 years of Architectural education and experience in Canada and Europe. With a Professional Degree in Architecture, Paul’s education also includes a degree in Environmental Studies from University of Waterloo, focused on the design and construction of buildings. Paul has continued his practice of environmental responsibility, and is one of only a handful of LEED Accredited Architects in the province. In addition, Paul is well versed in the practical practice of building construction, serving as both designer and project manager for various and diverse projects across Canada. With this experience across Canada and around the world, Paul has committed to a long-term future in his Saskatchewan home as the Principal of Rajani Blaser Mannix Architecture Inc. He is a Registered Architect in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

Paul brings an intentional and considered approach to every building project he works on. He asks the probing questions, and works to integrate the answers in a meaningful way with the rest of the project. This approach was recognised by the Ontario Association of Architects with the Good Design is Good Business Award of Architectural Excellence for his work with John MacDonald Architect in Ontario. Paul applies this innovative, intentional and integrated project approach to make each and every project a success.