PBCFSI Full Exterior Front View

RCMP Prince Albert Exterior Main Entrance


RBM Architecture challenges the traditional boundaries of architectural practice by asking one question: “How do we achieve the maximum positive social impact through architecture?” That curiosity leads to innovation, improvement, and critical thinking. It leads to more meaningful buildings. From planning and design, to collaboration and evaluation, we take projects beyond what’s expected, beyond what’s trending, to deliver buildings and spaces that maximize potential.

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Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre
The Gordon Oakes Red Bear Studen…

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Churchill RCMP…

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Grande Cache RCMP Detachment
Intent of the project was to provide a…

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Inuvik RCMP Prototype Transportable Cells
This project is an innovati…

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Gibsons’ RCMP Facility, Gibson
This 470m2 community-based RCMP facilit…

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Prince Albert Therapeutic Facility
This facility was conceived by the…

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515-10 RCMP New Detachment – Grande Cache
5600 – 11th Avenue, Regin…

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Kelvington Integrated Health Facility
RBM Architecture, in collaborat…

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BTEC (B’Fords Trade & Educ Centre) New Bldg
BTEC is a multi-us…

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West Wind Aviation
RBM was retained by West Wind Aviation to develop a…

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Prince Albert RCMP Detachment
The site, surrounded by Jack Pine, is a…

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White Butte/Emerald Park Detachment
The Emerald Park RCMP Detachment …

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